About Us

We Focus On Children

Started in year 2000, CYLCC has always maintained its focus on children and youth development. We believe in coming together with like-minded people, including parents, who are concern with their child’s growth – not only in academic achievements but also growth in understanding themselves and their learning abilities.

“Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking?”

It all happened over a round of coffee when 2 like-minded individuals, decided to combine their expertise to help children and youths learn effectively in this current tough learning environment.

Both have over 50 years of combined experience in dealing with children and youths in the areas of learning development, character building and counselling.

An idea began to form: What would happen if they combined both establishments under one roof? The idea of CYLCC was birthed and the rest is history.



CYLCC works with the Institute of Character and Counselling Development (ICCD) in Atlanta, Georgia to include an intelligence assessment (FLI2:Framework of Learning Intelligence Integration) to help children & youths chart their learning journey in both cognitive development and social-emotional awareness. Refer to website www.ipcced.com

Over the years, CYLCC has helped thousands of children and youths develop and sharpen their natural learning abilities, enabling them to enjoy the learning process. These children and youths eventually excel in:

  1. 1) Creative writing skills
  2. 2) Mathematics & Arithmetic abilities
  3. 3) Science abilities
  4. 4) Procedural and conceptual knowledge in all learning subjects

Go For Long Term Foundational Solution.

Yes, CYLCC’s mission is to see more children and youths wanting to learn and not being forced to learn.

Over the years, they have done exactly that, moulding children and youths to have a solid foundation in learning – not only achieving the “As” in exams but also the “As” in life in dealing with stress and the environment around them.



Mr. Ng Choon Heng
Chief Learning Intelligence Therapist

Certified Master Trainer of FLI2 intelligence diagnostic assessment

Certified Structure of Intelligence Specialist (SOI Institute, USA)

Certified Behavioural Consultant (I.M.L. Inc USA)

Professional Quality Assurance Auditor (M. Johnson & Associates, USA)

ISO 9000 Lead Assessor (International Quality Consultant, U.K)

Choon Heng is the CEO / Chief Learning Intelligence Therapist of Children / Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic.

With more than 30 year of exposure to children & youth work, Choon Heng is a firm believer of applying tested and reliable education psychology approach to help children and youth develop intelligence and develop study and social skills.

He is also very actively involved in helping children & youth develop proper Social & Emotional Learning by coaching and mentoring them in their growing years. His involvement in children and youth works spans over 30 years since he was a teenager.

Discerning, meticulous and dedicated is what marks him in his works in Intelligence Education.


  • Associate Advisor to PCCD, Professional Counselling & Character Development Resources (International), a social enterprise that trains to meet social causes for children & youth.
  • CEO and founder of Witzkid, a SOI/IPP Centre, a pioneer alternative education approach to Special Education for the Learning Disabled.
  • Youth volunteer advisor to Navigator Canada mentoring youths in colleges in Western Ontario, Canada.
  • Master Trainer / advisor to Daqing Children & Youth Intelligence Development Centre in Daqing, China.