Success stories

Jason Ang, 8 years old, Pri 2
River Valley Primary School

Alicia Ang, 12 years old , Primary 6
River Valley Primary School

Ryan Teh, 12 years old, Sec 1
ACS Independent

Gerald Teh, Airline Pilot
Father Of Ryan Teh

Kuan Wai, 18 years old, JC 2
Yishun Junior College

More testimonials

Name: Lee Song Xuan
Age: 9+
School Level: Primary 3
Assessment Date: Sep 2004
Program End Date: approx 9 months

Before: I was very fearful of examinations and tests in school. Personally for my preparation and taking test caused great headache pain and even vomitting.

I do not know why I had headache after reading; I was not doing well in class although I knew I am as good as my classmate.

Half way through the program: I became more confident about my abilities now; I know what I am good at and what training I needed to perform better in school.

I don’t have headache any more when preparing or taking examinations and tests. I am looking forward to complete the program in CYLCC, because I want to be as good as my brother.

Name: Tan Wei Leong
Age: 7+
School Level: Primary 2
Assessment Date: Dec 2004
Program End Date: approx 9 months

“He has improved his handwriting, reading, and eyesight in particular, and all of his academics achievements have increased
in general.

He has more confidence and visual stamina now… More focused… More coordinated….”

Mrs Tan, parent of Wei Leong, Singapore

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Name: Alicia Ang
Age: 6+
School Level: K2
Assessment Date: Jan 2005
Program End Date: approx 9 months

“Before the CYLCC development, she used to spend all her time playing with toys in the car when we went shopping. Now she spends most of the time reading books when we went shopping. Her reading interest increases many folds.

She is able to complete her class assignment before her classmates. I was informed by her teacher that if she maintains her grade she will be in the banded class next year.

Winnie , mother of Alicia, Singapore

Name: Branden Lee
Age: 6+
School Level: K2
Assessment Date: Nov 2005
Program End Date: approx 12 months

“Before: I know my son had problems with learning as I have other children as well. I wanted to find out how he can be helped to cope with school demand.

In the Program: Branden has display confident and calmness in attending school. This was not the norm before attending CYLCC.

We are pleasantly surprised by his passing grades achieved in school. He wanted to attend development in the centre as he find that it helps him.

After: He has been successful and is happy learning in school since primary 1, and he continues to do well at primary 2. We are pleased with his perceptual and cognitive skills development attained at CYLCC.

We will not hesitate to recommend other parents with children with learning difficulties to CYLCC for solutions.