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From Raymond Cheong (D. Min) Executive Director & Counsellor, We Set The Foundation For Academic Excellence With Our FLI2 Tool.
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Highly Sought After For Parenting Talks & Teacher's Talks
More Than 150 Schools Including Maris Stella, St. Margaret, Nan Wah, Nan Chiau, Yu Hua, etc.
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Comprehending Education With Our FLI2 Tool
Spawned from Jean Piaget’s Children Cognitive Development Theory & J.P. Gilford’s Structure of Intellect (SI) Theory, FLI2 sees a 2 ways approach in learning – Physiological / Cognitive learnings and Social Personal / Emotional learnings.
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Learning Ability Diagnosis

Through our FLI2 we are able to diagnose you or your child's strengths and weaknesses in their cognitive learning abilities.

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FLI2 Cognitive Exercises

We coach our students to go through FLI2:Framework of Learning Intelligence Integration exercises; integrating it with the academic structure in school to guide them towards academic excellence.

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Counselling Sessions

On top of the FLI2 exercises, we offer counselling for the children & youth at our clinic as well. Emotional wellbeing is one of the keys to academic success.

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Academic Excellence

Eventually, by setting the foundation, the children eventually excel academically in the rigorous educational environment.

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Training For Teachers/Educators

We conduct training for teachers, trainers and educators alike. Our FLI2 tool better equips them with the knowledge to handle students. Topics include "SEL for Teachers", "How to Understands Children's Behaviour through a Physiological & Cognitive Approach"

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Talks, Seminars & Work Shops

We hold talks, seminars & workshops in schools/our facilities. Touching on topics like "Learning Intelligence", "Parenting" & "How To Improve your child's Cognitive & Physiological Intelligence", etc

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Raymond Cheong (DR.) Executive Director & Counsellor

Trainer With Student, Children Youth Development
Trainer With Student, Children Youth Development

Therapy Sessions At The Clinic

Talks & Workshops Conducted At Various Schools In Singapore

Message From The Clinic

Hi there and a very warm welcome to CYLCC (Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic)!

I am trained as an ordained minister with a Doctor Of Ministry, D.MIN, majoring in counselling. I was running a children’s charity back in 1995, We-sharecare Society For Children / Youth (Singapore); under the umbrella of Club Rainbow (Singapore) for over 10 years.

During that time, we conducted many free community classes and taught children about good character building and the importance of it. How inculcating these values eventually shapes them as an adult and plays an important role in education as well.

As much as many of the children under our program have obtained academics and career success now, we realised that, along the way, it wasn’t so simple because as much as the mind is willing, the body isn’t.

We started our journey and researched into how children / youth learn cognitively and physiologically.

In conjunction with the Institute of Character and Counselling Development (ICCD) in Georgia, Atlanta; me & my partner, Choon researched and developed the (FLI2: Framework of Learning Intelligence Integration) to resolve that very issue that plagues many children and youth learning in education system.

FLI2 is an in-house psychometric tool that spawned from Piaget children’s cognitive developmental stages and J.P. Gilford SOI system.

In our learning clinic, we help children and youths chart their learning journey in both cognitive and social-emotional development; teaching their bodies to know how to learn. That includes effective eye hand coordination for task execution and reading readiness etc.

By shaping their natural learning abilities, the children eventually excel both in their academic achievements and relationship management both in their daily lives/and their school learning journey.

Thank you for dropping by our page and do contact Winnie 96454612 for an appointment to comprehend your child in their learning journey!


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Meet Our Core Trainers

Raymond Profile Picture CYLCC, Children Youth Development
Consultation Room Raymond Cheong CYLCC, Children Youth Development

Raymond Cheong (D. Min) Executive Director & Counsellor

  • Certified Master Trainer of FLI2 intelligence diagnostic assessment
  • Certified Clinical Counselling Psychology Practitioner
  • Professional Children and Family Counsellor
  • Master Counselling and Character Education Trainer

A trained Minister with a Doctorate Degree in Counselling Ministry & Theology, Raymond takes the path of mentoring and counselling lesser fortunate children & youths for over 20 years of his career.

He is currently the Executive Director & counsellor of Children / Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic. 

A highly sought after trainer, he has conducted training workshops for parents and teachers alike in schools such as Maris Stella, Nan Chiau and St. Margaret. 

He has also travelled around extensively to countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam to give talks and training.

Ng Choon Heng CEO, Chief Learning Intelligence Therapist

  • Certified Master Trainer of FLI2 intelligence diagnostic assessment
  • Certified Structure of Intelligence Specialist (SOI Institute, USA)
  • Certified Behavioural Consultant (I.M.L. Inc USA)
  • Professional Quality Assurance Auditor (M. Johnson & Associates, USA)
  • ISO 9000 Lead Assessor (International Quality Consultant, U.K)

Choon Heng is the CEO / Chief Learning Intelligence Therapist of Children / Youth Learning And Counselling Clinic.

With more than 30 years of experience in children & youth work, Choon Heng is a firm believer of applying tested and reliable education psychology approach to help children and youth develop social and academic intelligence.

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Choon CYLCC Profile Picture,Children Youth Development

Student Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Through the sessions at the clinic, our student have managed to take what they’ve learnt and excelled both in work and school. Hear what our students have to say about us!

Kwan Wai Student 1 CYLCC, Children Youth Development

Kuanwai, Nanyang Technological University

“Ever since i started my sessions over here, I realise i became sharper and can concentrate on my studies.”

Gerald Tay Student's Father, Children Youth Development

Gerald Tay, Pilot

“My son Ryan is generally not a weak student but after having gone through the program at CYLCC, we found that he got a lot better (improved) in a lot of areas. He became more alert, more attention in class, and was able to absorb a lot more. He appears to write better as well. These are some of the positives that have came out of the programme at CYLCC.”

Children Youth Development

Alicia Ang, Primary 6, River Valley Primary School

“Ever since coming here, my Math & Science have improved drastically. I feel better prepared for PSLE and am confident that i can do well”

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For bookings, assessment & enquiries, drop us an email or call us at the number down below!

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Child/Youth Learning And Counselling Clinic

It all happened over a round of coffee when 2 like-minded individuals, Choon and Raymond, decided to combine their expertise to help children and youths learn effectively in this current tough learning environment

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