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Raymond Cheong (D. MIN)
Executive Director & Counsellor, 30 Years Of Experience In Children & Youth Counselling

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My name is Raymond Cheong (D. MIN). I was born in 1965 and am a children / youth counsellor. I was also ordained as a Christian minister in USA in 2006, officially and legally recognised in all 50 states in USA.

However, instead of becoming a pastor in a church with my Doctor of Ministry Degree, I decided to stay in Asia and dedicate my entire career to helping children / youth in Singapore and in Asia, including China.

Singaporean by birth, I am now based both in Singapore and Shenzhen, China running learning counselling clinics and centers to help children / youth with learning difficulties both cognitively and physiologically.

I believe that children / youth should learn to become confident and happy when they learn in school instead of feeling inadequate, stressed and defeated daily attending school.

I am a strong advocator of character education and development for children and youth as well. My first book, Character Development Guidebook (bi-lingual in both English & Chinese), was published in 2006 when i was the CEO of a children’s charity in Singapore.

Together with my equally passionate partner, Mr Ng Choon Heng, we spearheaded an initiative to let parents, teachers and educators comprehend children’s learning cognitively and physiologically through our clinic.

We believe that such knowledge can better help the society in the areas of family education and general well-being of children’s social and emotional competencies.

Feel free to reach me at +65 9645 4612 to arrange for an appointment with me at our clinic!

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It all happened over a round of coffee when 2 like-minded individuals, Choon and Raymond, decided to combine their expertise to help children and youths learn effectively in this current tough learning environment

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Raymond Cheong (D.Min)
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Executive Director & Counsellor
Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic
808 French Road,
#07-165, Singapore, 200808