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Framework of Learning Intelligence Integration: A quick breakdown of CYLCC’s core education style.


What Is The FLI2 About Exactly?

Our proprietary FLI2 tool is an in-house psychometric tool spawned from Jean Piaget’s Children Cognitive Development Theory & J.P Gilford’s Structure of Intellect (SI) Theory. You will notice that many of our assessments requires you to think in new ways. This FLI2 assessment is not a test of knowledge, or how much you learned and retained in school. This tool allows you to explore and discover your learning and thinking intelligence. Discovering your learning intelligence early will allow you to know where you stand currently so that you can improve on and develop your body's natural learning abilities.

Types Of Learners CYLCC
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Who Is It For?

Anyone and everyone! Although Children/Youth Learning And Counselling Clinic, CYLCC's primary focus is on children and youths, this is a tool that allows a person to chart their learning intelligence. Even if your intelligence profile is not shown as strong, it does not mean you have low intelligence! Many other factors contribute to a person’s success.

Types Of Learners

Figural Learner Icon CYLCC, Children Youth Development


A person with high figural intelligence is inclined to learn and think using the sense of touch, sight, sound and smell.

Figural information such as visual shapes, touch (texture, contours etc) and sounds (Phonemes, melodies etc) will appear very comfortable with people with high figural intelligence predominance.

They are usually good with photography, design layouts, buildings, bridges, landscapes, dress patterns etc. They are generally good with repairing things and can put together “knock down” furniture without seeing an assembly diagram.

Symbolic Learner Icon, Children Youth Development


A person with high symbolic intelligence is inclined to learn and think symbolically with information that is abstract. Information that has been abstracted to be represented by notational shorthand such as signs, numbers, notes of music, codes, letters etc.

They can become good accountant, computer programmers, mathematicians, electrical and electronic engineers etc – jobs and tasks where the principal content medium is notational.

Sementic Learner Icon CYLCC, Children Youth Development


A person with high semantic intelligence is inclined to learn and think with concepts and ideas. Words, when represented as sounds of language, is symbolic but when they are used to express ideas, are semantic.

These people are good in writing a novel, preparing a report, argue a case in court, handle public relations or make a good presentation – jobs and task that requires processing of the conceptual content of an idea or a concept.

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