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Other than in house consultation therapy and counselling sessions. Raymond Cheong (D. MIN) conducts Parenting & Teacher training as well. Drop us an email at or call us at +65 6299 5321 for more information.

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Parenting Talk Pt. 1 - Developing Your Child’s Learning Potential

Every parent knows the importance of equipping children with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in school and in life. In this talk, Dr Raymond Cheong explains the importance of understanding our child’s learning potential and how we can help them build a foundation in learning to meet the academic challenges in school and life challenges in their surroundings. Most importantly, in the process, develop good character as a person. Dr Raymond Cheong shares with parents the “Potential building” process in children so that parents can:

  • Develop better understanding in children’s learning

  • Develop children to succeed in the 21st century 

  • Develop good character traits in children

  • Develop joy in the parenting journey

Parenting Talk Pt. 2 - Maintaining Positive Influence Over Our Children

In this “Developmental Parenting” talk Part 2, parents will understand the importance of maintaining a positive influence over our children’s life. Parents will understand the difference between being an authoritative parent and a smart parent with the right parenting influence over our children. Dr Raymond Cheong will share with parents:

  • The need to transit from using size and power to using relationship to influence our children

  • What is worthless in the child’s world of parenting?

  • How to engage and re-engage our children to connect with them emotionally to have more positive influence over them
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