Singapore International Character Development Training Centre (SICD)

Spearheaded by Raymond Cheong (D. MIN), Singapore International Character Development Training Centre (SICD) is the brainchild of CYLCC and ShenZhen Peng Cheng Group, established in 2015.

About SICD

Established in collaboration with ShenZhen Peng Cheng Group, Singapore International Character Development Training Centre (SICD) was formed in 2015.

The aim of the centre was to provide a more comfortable and holistic environment for learning in light of growing academic pressures on children of ShenZhen today.

Facilities include shuttle buses for transportation to and from the centre, canteen, library, classrooms and therapy rooms.

Based on Children/Youth Counselling & Learning Clinic’s (CYLCC) proprietary FLI2 tool (Framework Of Learning Intelligence Integration), the center attempts to combine ideas of both academic excellence and character development into one centre.

By means of understanding children through cognitive and psychological lenses through the FLI2 tool, the centre integrates elements of counselling sessions, tuitions, cognitive & psychological exercises. Instead of placing sole emphasis onto academic excellence, akin to traditional tuition centres, SICD has adopted a more value driven, student centric system.

After all, the ultimate goal of education is to raise, confident, curious knowledgable and upright individuals.

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808 French Road, #07-165, Singapore 200808

  • +65 6299 5321
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Contact Information

  • 808 French Road, #07-165, Singapore 200808
  • (+65) 6299 5321

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