Don’t just take our word for it. Through the sessions at the clinic, our students have managed to take what they’ve learnt and excelled both in work and school. Our students were kind enough to leave us some testimonials. Hear what our students have to say about us!


Jason Ang, 8 Years Old, Primary 2 River Valley Primary School

“Hi my name is Jason, i am 8 years old. I like to come here because it helps me to like my science subject!”

Jason Ang

Alicia Ang, 12 Years Old, Primary 6 River Valley Primary School

“Ever since coming here, my Math & Science have improved drastically. I feel better prepared for PSLE and am confident that i can do well.”

Alicia Ang

Ryan Teh, 12 Years Old, Secondary 1 ACS Independent

“Hi i am Ryan and i am 12 years old. Currently i am studying in ACS Independent i have been doing this programme for 6 months. Actually my school work is pretty good but after doing this course, my creative thinking skills and attention span have improved greatly. I am quite confident that i will do well in my final year examinations!”

Ryan Teh

Gerald Teh, Airplane Pilot, Father of Ryan Teh

“My son Ryan is generally not a weak student but after having gone through the program at CYLCC, we found that he got a lot better (improved) in a lot of areas. He became more alert, more attention in class, and was able to absorb a lot more. He appears to write better as well. These are some of the positives that have came out of the programme at CYLCC.”

Gerald Teh

Kwan Wai, 18 Years Old, JC 2 Yishun Junior College

“Ever since i started my sessions over here, I realise i became sharper and can concentrate on my studies.”

Kwan Wai

More Testimonials

Lee Song Xuan

Age: 9+
School Level: Primary 3
Assessment Date: Sep 2004
Programme End Date: Approx 9 Months

Tan Wei Leong

Age: 7+
School Level: Primary 2
Assessment Date: Dec 2004
Programme End Date: Approx 9 Months


“Before coming to Children/Youth Learning and Counselling Clinic (CYLCC) I was very fearful of examinations and tests in school. Personally, preparing for and taking examinations caused me a lot of undue pressure; to the point where i had headaches and even experienced vomiting.

I never knew why but i always get headaches when i try to read. I was not doing well in class although i knew i was as good as my classmates.

Halfway through the programme, i became more confident about my abilities. I know where i stand, what i am good at, and what i need to work on in order to perform better academically in school.

I don’t suffer from headaches anymore when preparing for or taking my examinations. I am looking forward to completing the programme at CYLCC because i want to be as good as my brother.”


“He has improved his handwriting, reading and eyesight in particular, and all of has improved significantly academic.

He has more confidence and visual stamina now.. More focused.. More coordinated.”

Mrs. Tan, parent of Wei Leong, Singapore

Alicia Ang

Age: 6+
School Level: K2
Assessment Date: Jan 2005
Programme End Date: Approx 9 Months

Branden Lee

Age: 6+
School Level: K2
Assessment Date: Nov 2005
Programme End Date: Approx 12 Months


“Before CYLCC, she used to spend all her time playing with toys in the car when we went shopping. Now she spends most of the time reading books when we go shopping. Her interest in reading increased tremendously.

She is now able to complete her class assignments before her classmates. I was informed by her teacher that if she manages to maintain her grades she will be in a banded class next her.”

Winnie, Mother of Alicia, Singapore


Before: “I knew my son had problems with learning as i have other children as well. I wanted to find out how he can be helped to cope with school demand.”

During the programme: “Branden started to display confidence and calmness while attending school. This was not the norm before attending CYLCC.

We are pleasantly surprised by the grades he achieved at school. He looks forward to attending sessions at CYLCC as he feels that it helps him.”

After: “He has been successful and is happy learning in school since primary 1, and he continues to do well in primary 2. We are pleased with the perceptual and cognitive development that he has achieved during his stint at CYLCC.

We highly recommend CYLCC to other parents with children who have learning difficulties.”

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